🎉Congratulations on deciding that you want MORE from your business by scaling to multiple 6 figures.

Real talk, generating your own income is nothing to bat an eye at. Generating 6 figures for yourself is a huge accomplishment. You probably also generate employment for more than 2 other people and that makes you a superhero…for real.

When you started out, you weren’t really sure how this would go, but you had more than hope on your side. You had courage, tenacity and fire inside of you that would not go out and it served as your guide.

Up until now…….

So here you are, ready to take your business to the next level, MULTIPLE 6-Figures.

I’ve had the honor of working with some of the highest generating multiple 6-figure female business owners and they don’t operate status quo. Today, i’m sharing with you exactly what it takes to rise to being a multi 6- Figure earner in the online space.

These 6 steps will take you on a journey from 6-Figures to multiple 6-figures for your online, service based business.

STEP #1-Market Research

What got you to 6 figures will only get you halfway to multiple 6 figures. As you grow, so does your audience. It’s important you keep a pulse on your audience so you can offer them exactly what they are looking for and that starts with market research.

STEP #2-Elevated Support

You might have gotten to early 6 figures with a VA and possibly a lean team of 1-2 other contractors. As you scale to multiple 6 figures, you’ll need a team that can take one or more hats off your head. This could be a director of operations or head of sales or head of marketing that handles all of your marketing initiatives.

STEP #3- Offer Optimization

Now that you have your market research complete and you know exactly what your audience wants from you. It’s time to increase your client lifetime value. How can you create a structured offer sequence that has them coming back to you? With a structured offer sequence, you have given yourself more opportunities to have your buyer continue to purchase from you INSTEAD of going to your competitor.

You’re 60% more likely to have a current or past buyer purchase from you, then someone cold or new. Use this to your advantage. The best place to start is to create an offer suite that takes them on a journey where they continue to purchase multiple products from you.

STEP #4- Increase Traffic

Growing to multiple 6-figures requires a different kind of hustle. A high-level, high- traffic, top of funnel hustle. As you have put strategic people in place to work inside of your business, you’ll be able to free up more time to work on getting even more visible. Specifically to an audience that you wouldn’t be able to reach all on your own. I’m talking “Your network is your net worth” . Here are a few of my few easy ways to accomplish that.

  • Affiliate
  • Group coaching spots
  • Guest Speaking spots
  • Podcast guest
  • Joint live on LinkedIN & Instagram

STEP #5- Sensational Client Experience

Client experience hits different when your a 6-figure+ earner. Every one is VIP status or at least expects to be treated like VIP status. By now you have a team that can help you create this experience for your clients that will have the referrals flowing in like the nile river.

STEP #6- Strategic Sales & Marketing Plan

I saved the best for last. To make all of this happen strategically and to your capacity, you need to have a Sales & Marketing Plan that works for you and your business. One that serves as a guide to help you get to where you want to go without the guesswork.

Here are a few things that your plan should have:

  • What revenue growth looks like for your business every quarter
  • Where to pull back and take plan personal time and where to increase your efforts
  • Extends your client lifetime value so you don’t have to constantly worry about lead gen
  • Finds your missed opportunities
  • Plan on how to close any gaps in your business & missed opportunities in your sales
  • Shows you when and where to focus your marketing efforts
  • A mapped out plan on how to organically grow to multiple 6 figures

If you’re ready to grow to multiple 6 figures and a strategic sales & marketing plan is your next step, I want to invite you to a consultation call with me. Together we can determine what your next plan of action should be to hit multi-6 figures.

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