People just don’t know the difference between sales & marketing and rightfully so! The truth is marketing and sales are very much married and the lines are very much blurred. Both impact your revenue It can be incredibly confusing and downright overwhelming when needing to hire help but you’re unsure of which one you need. Today I’m uncovering the 7 examples of the differences between marketing and sales and which one you need to help you grow your business. 

Let’s start with Marketing.

At its core, Marketing is going to help you drive traffic, visibility and get potential buyers interested in your offers.

But what do you do once you gain visibility? Where are you going with it? How do you turn those very interested viewers into buyers? How do you know if those efforts are working? How do you know if that campaign will be successful? How will you know if you should continue with that campaign and or strategy? Which metrics will you determine an achievable revenue goal for your business and campaign?

Sales is converting top-funnel traffic into paying clients.

Sales determine what is achievable in your business and what steps you need to take to get to where you want your business to land every year based on numbers and not just passion.

In addition, Sales also helps you see the areas in which you can optimize for better sales opportunities and book more clients.

Sales Is The Bloodline Of Your Business

Sales are not just selling 4 @ $5000 and you’ll hit your revenue goal. Sales is the bloodline of your business and taking a look at it holistically will prevent you from having to make repairs further down the line in your business.

Here are a few examples to help you determine which one you need to hire and when.

  • If you are having dips in your sales /revenue, you need sales help
  • If you get traffic and leads but have trouble closing, you need to hire sales help. 
  • If you are having consistent months in a downward trend, you need sales help. 
  • If you have slow months and want to generate revenue during that time to make up for it, You need Sales help.
  • If you have ZERO traffic, then you need to hire marketing help.
  • If you are having clients tell you that they are confused by you and your competitor, you need to hire marketing help
  • If you are having trouble understanding who your target audience is, you need marketing help.
  • If you are launching new services and offers and want to hit the ground running, you need BOTH. Message me for details on this one. 

Both Marketing and Sales have the job of growing your revenue so you can grow your business. It is possible to find a sales specialist that has a background in marketing and vice versa. 

If you’re having trouble with any of these examples leave a comment or send me a message HERE

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