You’ve started your business or maybe you’re a leader of a big corporation and you’re in a position to generate team/individual success not to mention revenue. But the current business climate of covid has you shook and constantly struggling to climb difficult wall after wall without reaching your goals and success. 

So you decide to search for help. Do you hire a coach or a consultant? And what is the difference?

This depends on a few things but let’s clearly outline the difference between the two first, what the focus of each is and 

Coaches focus on the individual. 1:1 and centered around helping the individual get to “the next level”. Traditionally, nothing needs to be “fixed” but help the individual explore because ultimately the client has the answers but they are too far deep for the client to acknowledge on their own.

Examples are Mindset and Leadership Coaching

Consulting on the other hand focuses on teams and projects. A Consultant’s job is to implement changes and improve structures such as the business as a whole vs. the individual. It is the consultant’s job to identify the steps for improvement by conducting research, investigations and data analysis.

Examples are Sales & Business Consulting

Note: Consultants CAN offer coaching and vice versa, you’ll just need to be able to identify what method your going to need.

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