I remember having such an influx of business. So much so that I wasn’t sure how I was going to keep up then it happened, crickets..NOTHING, ZILP, ZILTCH, NADA…..I was nervous to say the least. I was relying solely on my marketing to get me by I mean why wouldn’t I have, It was really working. I started to think back to my days in outside medical sales and really dug deep to uncover what my strengths were and how I discovered my success. That’s when it hit me, Referral Sources! I needed more soldiers out there ,who knew my services were effective and talking about me to people who would really benefit from my services. Not only that, I needed to have more business partners that relied on my expertise to pull me in on projects where I could make an impact.

Some examples, If you’re a general contractor, you will need resources like electrical or roofing. If you are a marketing company, you could really benefit from having a business consultant. coach and event planners. If you are a naval architect, you might need a company that offers stabilizers. Knowing the markets that can support the needs of your clients will benefit you greatly.

The most important part of this is to maintain the relationships that you have established in the same way you would build a relationship with a client. Start by meeting and getting to know their business. A priority should be to brainstorm through current or past clients and develop a key word list that a prospect or client will use to signal a match for your vendor and vice versa.