Client Profile– Rio’s place is owned and operated by Monica Castro, BCBA. Her business serves intellectually and developmentally disabled population, working with both children and adults. Monica also works with supervising behavior analysts and RBT’s. 

Situation– Although Monica had been established as a course supervisor for quite some time, her business infrastructure needed a tune up. As many business owners experience the same issue of running the business alone,the infrastructure usually takes a back seat because we have to keep up with the demand. Monica needed some foundational work to help build a strong unbreakable foundation.

Solution– I proposed a weekly campaign of one on one sessions with achievable punch lists to tackle each week. Below are the tasks we were able to accomplish as a team and systematic processes I was able to implement. **Note- All work was a collaboration. 

  • Bank account set up.

  • Register new domain.

  • Nominate new CFO role.

  • Quickbooks set up for invoicing.

  • Implement deadlines for due paperwork.

  • Brought in marketing services for new website.

  • Created timeline for online coursework.

  • Set timeline for supervision courses.

  • Set up a January 2020 timeline to begin taking insured clients.

  • Third party communications to help set up speaking engagements.

Success- Monica has expressed that her business is no longer flying by day to day. She has a more structured way of doing business and does not have to worry about. 

“She was able to help me get a handle on how much money I was making and really notice how my much potential my business has! Most importantly, I feel I have so much control in my business because I now have systems for different parts of my business. Working with Candice is a game changer and I hope you will feel the same way!! ”