Client Profile- Learning Lab Fl is a learning center based in Fort Lauderdale that aids in the development of children with Dyslexia, in need of homework management and is a place where children go to be homeschooled. 

Situation- Aly, the owner of Learning Lab Fl, Came to me in need of organization of her infrastructure and in need of having a stronger understanding of her financials. As a developmental provider, she wanted to be able to stand out from the others in her market by emphasizing structure with transparency and turn-key operations so she could focus on giving 100% to her clients. 

Solution- With our 3 month operations program, I dove right in collaborating with the Learning Lab team in clearly defining her role as an owner with the following initiatives. 

  • Created prospect lists to market services to Psychologists, Behavioral Doctors and Pediatricians.

  • Developed client onboarding processes to ensure continuity from client to client.

  • Quickbooks Setup

  • Determined need for hiring team members

  • Aligned  bookkeeping services

  • Streamlined services/ revenue streams with descriptions

  • Pricing review 

  • Case study copywriting

  • External SEO review

  • Developed external referral directory

  • Overcoming objections dialog

Success- By building strong relationships through marketing, Learning Lab was able to secure 2 new clients within the first 30 days of implementation. Her referral sources are so thankful to have a place where they can refer children in need of her exact services. 

We are happy to report that Aly also has a stronger sense of business ownership because of how efficiently her operations is running. A luxury that she has and continues to work hard for. 

We have also extended our working relationship to a month to month basis because of the mutual success we continue to have in our collaboration. DMG is incredibly grateful to have been selected as their partner on this journey. 

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