Salon Mantra came to us wanting to elevate their business. Having over 10 years’ time in this business and recently expanded into a larger space, Mantra understood that what had worked for her business in the past would not work for the future of the business. Salon Mantra needed guidance with having a firm understanding of revenue performance as well as defining the next step of growth for the business, not having these answers is a common struggle for solo entrepreneurs.

It’s not unheard of that solo business owners struggle with having a firm grasp on knowing all parts of the revenue process and what exactly needs to charge in their business. In actuality, 60% of small business owners do not know how to look at their financials or know how to understand them ( 2018) and 82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems (, 2018)

One of the major areas of improvement in the salon with the stylists was product sales. After one month of implementing employee engagement sessions, product sales for the salon increased by 81%.

In addition to implementing employee engagement sessions, DMG Agency guided Salon Mantra into having control over the finances by looking at the numbers weekly, setting annual financial goals and bringing in our marketing team to plan and increase efforts to generate target demographics and overall increase business revenue.

Here’s what we were able to accomplish:

  • Product sales increased by 81% in the first month

  • Implemented employee engagement strategies

  • Weekly productivity and sales review

  • Forecasting and financial budgeting (with expense review)

  • Time Management strategies

  • Development of KPI’s (Key performance Indicators)

  • Brought on marketing team to elevate market exposure, perform website revision and implement influencer event of target demographic.

Services Used:

  • Leadership Development

  • Organizational Improvement

  • Marketing referral | Partnership