When I decided to leave my really good paying career in sales to start my own business I knew one thing: I had a skill set I wanted to share with as many people that would be willing to ask for it and I felt really strongly about it. Turn that coin over and you will see that what I didn’t know was that people would see my help as a negative to the exterior of their business. Let me elaborate. ..

As a  business owner, you probably don’t want your clients and customers to think, for one second, that you weren’t capable of getting organized, putting systems into place, learning the trade of sales all on your own. Most importantly, you don’t want your customers to fathom the idea that you cannot oversee  all the departments under the beautiful name you created for your business. This is where I want to change this very crippling mindset.

If you are running this show by yourself,  the future potential of your business is in peril and there is no way you can execute every part of your business based solely on your passion. Simply put, your business will grow, even change,  in volume and possibly in services that will require to perform outside your capacity . Your infrastructure will have demands placed on it because your in a growth spurt and need to accommodate the volume. See the picture I’m painting? Good, let’s unpack some more.

All athletes have always had a coach and a large team to support them. Apple and Google were not always a one man show. They had built a team around them to support their dream and help it grow and YOU are no different. You need a team to support the beautiful empire that you are trying to build and make it into a systematized well oiled machine. This is where the role of an operations manager comes in.

So what is operations anyway? To help me give you better perspective,I enlisted the help of super business coach Tamara Whilden to give you the low down!

To put it simply, business operations is everything that is needed to run your business. It is the strategy and planning, hiring and training, money management, data management and sales tactics. Beyond that, business operations are the systems you have set in place to support you with organizing, structuring. scaling, pivoting and expanding your services.

Business (and succeeding in business) is not about you, it’s about your clients. Your clients cannot and will not judge you for hiring help if it means a better customer experience for them – if anything, they will respect you and your business even more.

As an operations consultant, it’s our job to oversee and implement these initiatives and projects. The best part is that you don’t have to pay a hefty price of hiring a full time employee. 

The bottom line here is you don’t need to have a problem to hire us and most importantly, you don’t need to go it alone.